Are you looking to move across the country, but aren’t sure how to do it in an environmentally friendly way? Our team of Gainesville long-distance movers at A-Turner Moving & Storage are experts when it comes to providing eco-friendly moves. With a few simple steps, moving with the earth in mind can be easy. Our residential movers in Gainesville will tell you how.

Movers can Offer Reusable Wardrobe Boxes

Some long-distance moving companies, like A-Turner Moving & Storage, can offer reusable wardrobe boxes to store your hangable clothes. When you store your clothes in a reusable wardrobe, you’ll be cutting down your usage of packing materials which often end up in landfills.

Movers can Incorporate Ecofriendly Business Practices

Some Gainesville long-distance movers work for companies like A-Turner, where eco-friendly practices are incorporated in the workplace. Choosing a cross-country relocation team that regularly does their part to help the earth will work towards making your move greener. Look for companies that:

  • Use Wind and Solar to Help Power Their Facilities
  • Use Recycled Office Products
  • Encourage Employee Recycling in Facilities
  • Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies
  • Service Truck Fleets in an Environmentally Responsible Way

You can Dispose of Unwanted Electronics Properly

Electronics that are thrown away end up hurting the earth by sitting in landfills. Most places in the U.S. have community guidelines for disposing of unwanted electronics responsibly. Before your move, investigate how your community disposes of:

  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Cords
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Batteries

You can Use Soft Items for Packing

Did you know that you already have tons of great packing materials in your home? When packing items in boxes, use towels, blankets, and clothes as packing material. Using your own soft items will eliminate the need for packing peanuts, bubble roll, etc. Always keep in mind, the most important way you can make an impact in keeping your long-distance move environmentally friendly is by choosing a moving company that cares for the environment.

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Our residential movers in Gainesville would like to offer even more helpful tips for how you can move in an eco-friendly way. Through our affiliation with northAmerican Moving Services, we’re able to provide high-value packing and unpacking, short-term storage solutions, and custom crating for fragile items. To speak with our experts for more information, please call our Gainesville long-distance movers today!