Tips for a Successful Job Relocation | A-Turner Moving & Storage

Moving is rarely an easy process, but when you are moving for a new job, you've got additional stress to deal with. As the premier Gainesville moving company, A-Turner & Storage wants to help you ease some of the anxiety and ensure you have a successful move. Check out our favorite tips for job relocation's below:

Keep To-Do Lists

Organization is key when moving and one of the best ways to stay organized is to keep, and update, to-do lists. Many people make a list of things they need to accomplish before moving out of their old house, but few create to-dos for what needs to happen when they get to the new house. Keeping two separate lists helps you focus on what you need to do and exactly when you need to do it.

Know Your New Area

If you have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with your destination, grab it because it gives you a better idea of what to expect and can help you choose the right neighborhood for you. If you can't visit, do online research and consider renting before you buy. Not making an immediate long-term commitment gives you freedom should you decide that another area of the city would be better for you.

Talk to Your Employer

Before you make any moving arrangements, ask your employer about their corporate relocation policies. Be sure you know what is and isn't included, and if your employer doesn't typically offer job relocation assistance, don't be afraid to negotiate for the support you need.

Choose the Right Movers

Whether you need local moving or long distance moving, the right movers make all the difference. Research potential companies and check ratings, licenses and professional memberships. Finding a company with ProMover status, like A-Turner Moving & Storage, is a great because this designation means they adhere to the strictest professional and ethical guidelines in the industry.

For more tips on how to move successfully and stress-free, contact the professionals at A-Turner Moving & Storage! We'd love to help you relocate smoothly and seamlessly, so give us a call. You can also fill out our quick online form to request your free moving estimate.