Florida Movers Had a Busy 2016

Florida is often high on the list of most moved-to states and 2016 was no different with Florida moves rising to the number one spot on most industry lists. Especially popular with retirees, young families and those searching for better job opportunities also make the move to the Sunshine State.

In 2016, Florida not only gained thousands of new households, but the state also enjoyed an impressive income gain. If you're thinking about a move, A-Turner Moving and Storage is ready to help!

A State That's Easy to Love

So what is it about Florida that attracts so many people of all ages and keeps our Gainesville movers on the move?

  • The Weather: This is the first thing that comes to mind for many. The year-round mild weather means that you can ditch your fur-lined parka and keep only shorts and t-shirts in your closet! You'll want a few bathing suits as well since there are 663 miles of beautiful Florida beaches beckoning all year long.
  • The Activities: Boredom is not an option in a state with so much to see and do. Young families relish the close proximity to some of the best amusement parks in the world. Outdoor enthusiasts are thrilled to have hiking, swimming, bird watching, and many other options nearby. Fabulous golf courses, shopping, boating, and much more also await those who make a move to Florida.
  • Low Taxes: This is an area where the Sunshine State really shines. The effective tax rate of just 9.03% puts Florida in the top ten states with the lowest taxes in the country. There is also zero income tax, so you'll keep more of what you earn.
  • The Jobs: The job rate is slightly lower than the national average, but there are diverse opportunities such as those in tourism, construction, education, landscaping, and more.

Moving Tips from the Premier Florida Movers

At A-Turner Moving and Storage, we are the premier Gainesville movers. As full-service movers who can tackle both commercial and residential relocation's, we have a few tips when prepping for a move:

  • Know Your Moving Costs: Many people forget to figure the cost of the actual move into their budget. We're happy to provide a free, no-obligation estimate that will fit your budget, so there will be no surprises.
  • Pack Based on Your New Home: If your new home will have a different layout (i.e. fewer bathrooms, more bedrooms) then pack and label boxes based on that rather than on the layout of your existing home. This will make unpacking a little easier.
  • Use the Move to Weed Out Some Stuff: We all have stuff we haven't used, looked at, or thought about in years. Rather that stuffing those things into a box so they can be ignored at your new home or office, use the move as a time to pare down and donate those items.
  • Pack an Essentials Bag That Will Stay with You: The bag should include a change of clothes for every member of the family, extra medicine, toiletries, and other items you might need while waiting for the moving truck to arrive.
  • Dealing with Pets: Find a doggy day care or cat boarding facility near your new home where you can let your pets relax on moving day. All of the commotion can make pets nervous, and if they bolt out the door while the couch is being moved in then they might have a hard time finding their way home in a new place.

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