Most homeowners will hire long-distance movers to help out with their transition to a new home, whether it is overseas or across the country. That said, it can be hard to choose from the many teams that are out there.

We know how difficult it can be to find a quality moving company in Gainesville. So, we recommend getting quotes from multiple long-distance relocation experts. You may also want to ask the following questions during your in-home consultation.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

The longer a moving company has been in business the more jobs they’ve completed and the higher their experience level. Plus, if a company has been in business a long time, odds are that they have a solid reputation and lots of return customers.

Can You Tell Me A Little Bit About Your Facility?

If your mover offers short- or long-term storage services, they should have at least one warehouse facility where they can keep your belongings locally. Movers that are agents with large transportation companies will also be able to work with the other agents to provide storage at your destination.

Hopefully the moving and storage company you pick will also take the time to outfit their warehouse with theft and fire alarms.

What Are Some of Your Accolades & Affiliations?

You may not realize it, but there are many certifications and awards within the moving industry. These groups recognize cross-country movers with excellent customer ratings, quality services and facilities, and great customer services. The number of accolades they have, especially compared to how long they’ve been in operation, can indicate their level of professionalism.

Can I See Some Feedback from Your Prior Customers?

Most reputable moving companies in Gainesville will have previous customer reviews available for new customers to check out. These reviews may be posted on their website, on Google, or on another website like HomeAdvisor.

Can You Explain the Steps You Take to Protect My Property?

A question like this or something similar, such as asking what kind of furniture and floor protection they use can help you get an idea of how the movers will treat your items and your home during moving day. Most companies provide training to their packers and movers in the proper handling of a variety of items from glassware to furniture. Speaking of, they should also use extra protection when packing fragile and delicate items.

Can You Explain the Claims Process in the Event My Items Get Damaged?

Your long-distance moving company should have a process in place for dealing with customer complaints and damage claims. After all, nationwide moving companies in Gainesville are required to carry valuation coverage for your shipment, but this doesn’t pay out very much money. In the event that there is damage to your belongings, or the shipment gets lost, you may want to have additional valuation coverage. Most residential movers will offer the option of upgrading to Full Value Protection to provide that higher level of coverage.

Can You Explain Your Pricing Policies?

Your mover should be able to explain the algorithm that they use to create a price estimate for you. They should also provide an itemized estimate showing the cost for different long-distance moving services you need during the move. Another thing to ask about is whether the move estimate is ‘binding’ or ‘non-binding.’ The mover can increase a non-binding estimate to pay for unexpected costs during the move.

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