Gainesville Mover Review

I just want to thank you again for the superior, professional, service provided by you and your company. It never occurred to me that a large company, such as North American Van Lines, would give such outstanding customer service to someone moving such a small load as mine. The driver (his first name is Kelso) called, as he was leaving Florida, to tell me he expected to be at my house between 8:30 & 9:30am, on Thursday, May 10th. He called the day before (May 9th) to confirm this. He & the other gentleman were at my house at 8:30am on the dot. I was amazed! People delivering appliances from warehouses in my own city tell me, "We'll be there sometime between 8:00am and 6pm." I was sooo impressed with your delivery people (just as I was with you and your packing people)!! They moved everything into my house, put it just exactly where I wanted things and carefully inspected the furniture to assure that no damage had occurred---all was finished in less than an hour. Additionally, Kelso voluntarily mentioned a couple of times how much he likes working with your office. He said that Mr.Turner goes out of his way to make life easier and more efficient for the drivers. I love it when I hear employees make unsolicited positive comments about the people for whom they work---I think if employees like their bosses, they will generally try to do the best work they can, which results in superior customer care. I shall definitely call ONLY North American Van Lines for anything I need moved in the future and I will relate my positive experience to my friends and relatives across the country. There is a lot of negative "press" regarding the moving industry, so I want people about whom I care to know that there is a company they can rely on and that is very reasonably priced! Thanks again for your help, Tammy, and please express my sincere gratitude to all who made this move a positive experience for me!!!