When it comes to moving, there is a lot of packing. From large, bulky items like furniture, to smaller possessions like silverware - everything needs a place during the transportation process. One of the best ways at making the entire moving process as stress-free as possible is to properly pack all of your possessions into respectively fitting boxes. Not only will this keep everything organized, but it will also make it easier to transport.

Oftentimes, your residential movers will provide these boxes for you, but you'll still need to know what goes into where! Luckily, this guide will give you everything you need to know about selecting the right boxes for your move.

Picking the Right Size Box for Your Florida Move

While picking the right size boxes for your residential or commercial move may seem pretty straightforward, this isn't always the case! Each box is designed for specific items and purposes, so it's important to select the right ones. Let's dive into the details:

  • Small Boxes: Smaller-sized boxes are great for packing compact, heavy objects like books and canned goods. Since small boxes have more structural integrity, you want to be putting dense objects in them.
  • Medium Boxes: The most versatile boxing option, medium boxes have a nice blend of support and roominess. Feel free to pack a large assortment of items into these boxes, but be sure to acknowledge the weight capacity posted on the box.
  • Large Boxes: While not as structurally supportive, large boxes are perfect for oversized, lightweight objects like pillows, comforters, and larger clothing items.

​​Specialized Boxes for Unique Items

In addition to choosing the correct size box, you'll also want to consider specialty box sizes for unique items. These types of boxes will be much more applicable for the purpose you'll be using them for, ensuring that all of your items inside can be safely transported. A common box option provided by your long distance movers is a dish pack box. This type of box will be compartmentalized so that you can safely fit all your delicate dishware inside. Electronic boxes are another popular choice. They're specially reinforced to sustain the added weight of heavy electronics like speakers, computer towers, and printers. Finally, consider extra tall boxes if you need help moving oversize items like lamps, golf clubs, or fishing equipment.

Custom Crating by Your Long Distance Movers

If your home is filled with oddly shaped prized possessions that need extra care and security, your moving company will have custom crating options available to you. These specially reinforced crates will protect high-value items like antique furniture and fine artwork. The last thing you'd want is for an accident to occur with these possessions, so always be sure to invest in the right box for the job!

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