Did you know that every moving company has the most clients between May and September? This is when kids are out of school, the weather is nice and sunny, and everyone’s in the mood for a change.

Well, that also means those are months moving companies are the busiest. Did you know that to combat the drought between October-April, moving companies in Gainesville offer incentives for clients to move during their offseason?

Our experienced residential movers in Gainesville from A-Turner Moving & Storage are here to tell you about all the benefits you could receive by moving between October and April. We like to stay busy, so there are perks for you if you plan your move during this time.

Flexible Moving Schedule

Since moving companies aren’t as busy during October-April, there is a wider availability in our schedule. Some clients prefer to move in the colder months, because it offers them a more personalized experience.

During the offseason, we can be more flexible with when you want to move. If you want to move on a normally highly-requested day of the week, it may be free during the middle of December or January. This is something to keep in mind if you need flexible scheduling to fit with your home or work schedule.

Your Items get Delivered Faster

Fewer of our moving trucks are being used during October-April, so you’ll almost always get your items delivered faster. Some might think the opposite, that the colder weather would slow the trucks down. Actually, this isn’t true since we can prioritize the deliveries of the fewer clients we have during that time.

You Save Money with Discounts and Promotions

A lot of long-distance moving companies, like A-Turner Moving & Storage, offer promotions and discounts during the colder months as an incentive for clients to move. You can take advantage of these discounts to move at a lower price than you would in the middle of summer.

Check with local moving companies in the area for:

  • Holiday Deals
  • End-of-the-Year Deals
  • Early Spring Promotional Events
  • And More, Starting in October!

Please Call Our Long-Distance Movers in Gainesville Today to Find Out More!

A-Turner Moving & Storage is a professional residential moving company with affiliations to the northAmerican Moving Services and ATA Moving & Storage Conference. Our long-distance movers in Gainesville who offer high-value moving and storage services would like to provide more information about why it’s great to move in the offseason. To learn more, please call our Gainesville team today!