Movers with Donations

In the hustle and bustle of moving, it’s not uncommon for unwanted items to go straight to the dumpster. Instead of adding to landfill waste and ruining a perfectly good item, do a good deed and take the extra step of donating those unwanted items that are in adequate condition.

There are several organizations that would love to take your extra belongings and give them to a family who would appreciate them. You’ll not only be doing your community a favor, but you’ll also be helping combat environmental issues at the same time.

Support Your Local Veterans

AMVETS and Vietnam Veterans of America are two nonprofits that use their resources to support veterans in the area. AMVETS accepts toys, household items, and clothing. Vietnam Veterans of America takes a wide variety of belongings, but they must all be light enough to be carried by a single person. Some examples of items they accept are almost all types of clothing (shoes, belts, accessories, etc.), electronics (DVD players, game systems, computers, etc.), and small furniture.

Donate Furniture

Furniture is expensive and is often needed when people are starting out in their first home. Give Habitat for Humanity ReStores a call and schedule a pickup for that unwanted furniture. You can also donate building materials like wood, paint, and more. The Furniture Bank Network operates similarly, and they’ve created a nationwide network of resources to help old furniture get reused.

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