Hiring Jacksonville Campus Movers

Moving can be a real nightmare. If you’re planning on attending college in the fall, it’s just part of the package. But, just because you have to move doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the process on your own. Hiring a professional team of Jacksonville campus movers can make the entire experience much more enjoyable.

Packing Right

It can be extremely tempting just to throw everything in a box and load that box into the back of a truck, but you’ll just be making more work for yourself later. Not only might your items get damaged during transport, you’ll end up having to fold laundry and search for important items in unlabeled boxes when you finally get there.

Residential movers know the right way to pack for a campus move. They’ll make sure everything is packed properly, which means wrapping breakable items and grouping items in conveniently labeled boxes. Unpacking is way easier with a professional mover on your team.

Stick to a Schedule

Campus moves are unique in that there’s a strict schedule you need to adhere to. There’s likely a move-in window if you’re moving into the dorm, and you should make sure you’re settled in before the first day of school. A logistics moving company knows what it takes to make sure you get there on time.

A professional moving company like A-Turner Moving & Storage has years of experience moving people from all walks of life. If they can execute residential and commercial moves, you can bet that they can help you stick to your college schedule.

Think About Storage

Going to college means living small. That means packing as little as possible. Chances are, that also means leaving plenty of things behind.

If you can’t take everything with you this year, make sure it’s there for you next year and beyond with professional storage. It’s a great way to keep all your things close to campus, and your parents will love having the extra room in the house.

Moving on campus in Jacksonville, FL poses all kinds of unique challenges. Make sure you’re prepared for every one of them with help from A-Turner Moving & Storage. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to start creating a custom campus moving plan today.

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