If you are looking for a Gainesville full-service moving company, A-Turner Moving and Storage is the company to call. We have years of experience in taking care of your belongings. Full-service moving from one company simplifies your life and protects your valuables. Here are some of the benefits of hiring us for your move, whether it is across town or across the state.

Full-Service Packing

Gainesville Packing

Full service packing means your basic kitchen, bedroom, furniture packing but also includes fragile items. Fragile items require special care when being packed for a move. Some moving companies in Gainesville won’t pack your fragile items, but at A-Turner Moving and Storage, we are specially trained and bonded for handling your collections, whether they are Hummel figurines or Wedgwood china. We will take as good care of your items as your grandmother did.

We even do laundry. Well, not “do” laundry, but we will pack it! We have special wardrobe boxes that enable us to take items hanging in your closet and hang them directly in the box for shipment to your new abode.

We check every cabinet, closet, and store room to make sure nothing is left behind. And, we’ll provide tracking on your shipment if it is going long distance or traveling internationally.

Full-Service Moving in Gainesville

Gainesville Movers

By full-service, we mean everything. Do you have a swing set in the back yard? A pool table in the den? How about that grandfather clock? While other movers may hire third parties for items like these, we take care of all of your moving needs. We will disconnect your appliances and reconnect them at your new home. We haul your waterbed and take special care with all of your electronics. Yes, we know how to do it all.

Our Gainesville full service movers are trained in the proper handling of all of these different items and more. With our full-service moving, you don’t have to worry about which company is responsible for different aspects of your move.

Moving Estimates in Gainesville

For full-service moving in the Gainesville and Central Florida region, call A-Turner Moving today! We’ll give you a free estimate, and take care of all of your moving needs!

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