Moving back home is a trending phenomenon.

Whether your parents want you in or out of the house, sometimes moving back home just makes sense.

There are generally three reasons why people move back home: Graduation, Economic Hardship, Family Care.

Graduation: Many young adults who graduate college are finding it best to move home.  They are struggling to find a full-time job that will pay them enough to move out on their own.  The joke that most college kids are broke is true and many need to save up money to pay loans and move out. 

Economic Hardship: During the economic collapse, many middle age adults didn’t have any choice but to move home. Some lost their homes to debt.  Others lost their jobs and couldn’t afford their own home anymore.  Temporary moves also occurred as families transitioned to new jobs.

Family Care: There is also the need to care for the elderly in the family.  Some adults choose to move back home to help care for their aging or sick parents.  Many of these moves require storage for those who are temporarily giving up their home to care for their loved ones.

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Moving back home