Moving day can be stressful, but following a few simple tips can ease your transition beyond belief! When your movers arrive, whether you’ve opted for a full-service or basic relocation, you should have some things prepared in advance so they can do the best job for you! At A-Turner Moving & Storage, we’ve been in business long enough to know the best moving day preparations. Some things you should always prepare before your movers arrive include:

  • Get Rid of Excess! The more you transport, the more you’ll pay! Get rid of items you don’t use and won’t miss.
  • Separate Flammable/Personal Items: Your movers won’t transport flammable items such as batteries, gasoline, propane tanks, etc. You’ll have to move them yourself. The same goes for chemicals, cash, personal documents, and medicine.
  • First-Night Essentials: Prepare a bag of toiletries, snacks and other items you can’t go without on your first night in your new home. You might arrive before your movers, or you’ll be too tired to sift through boxes for what you need.
  • Turn Off/Drain Equipment and Appliances: Empty, unplug, and defrost your fridge 24 hours in advance. Drain all oils and fuels from your lawn mower and power equipment, turn off gas connections, and drain the water lines for your washing machine and ice-maker.
  • Pets: Keep your pets out of the way of your movers! Accidents can be dangerous for everyone involved!
  • Electronics: Back up your computer files for safekeeping during and after your move.
Preparing for a move doesn’t have to be difficult with A-Turner Moving & Storage! Our experts will assist you every step of the way to ensure the most seamless service. Contact us now to begin your easiest relocation ever!

Preparing for a move