At A-Turner Moving & Storage we are always looking for ways to make your life easier with our personalized moving and storage plans. Moving is a multi-step process and in order for the 3 step to be successful the 1 and 2 step must be executed properly beforehand. We always have an answer to solving your moving and storage dilemmas and if you need a short-term Gainesville storage plan we are more than willing to help. Many people need a place to store their belongings in-between moves or when they get new furniture and we have the perfect customized storage plans here at A-Turner Moving & Storage.

Here are the most common uses of our short-term Gainesville storage:

  • ┬áMake Room for New Furniture
  • During Home Restoration
  • Storage In-between Moves
  • Storage While New Home is Built
Some families relocate from a large home to a condominium and their new residence simply cannot accommodate all of their belongings. We can set up a temporary Gainesville storage package for you until you decide to sell or donate your furniture. Other families sell their current home before they can move into their new one and need somewhere to store an entire household's worth of appliances, furniture, clothing, etc. No worries. We can design a package for that.

If you would like some personal answers quickly from a Gainesville household storage expert, call A-Turner Moving & Storage toll-free today!