When moving to a new home there are many things to remember – most of all what to pack.  What to bring, what stays and the order that this is done can make or break the fluidity of a move.   What should you keep to pack last is a common concern. Remember to always give yourself plenty of time to plan what it is you will be moving.  As experienced Gainesville Movers we here at A-Turner Moving and Storage have coordinated many moves and used many processes.  What we have found is that you should pack last what you use most aka on a daily basis.  Whether you are moving a neighborhood or a country away the same rules still apply.  The following items are ideal for packing last to assure a seamless move:
  1. Clothing – in season clothing that is. Clothing that you will be using for the time you think it will take to get to unpacking your clothes.
  2. Computers – pack computers last.  You always want to be connected to your moving company whether that is through email or phone lines in case of emergency or schedule issues.
  3. Land Lines – like above you want to be able to contact or be contacted by your moving company.
  4. Bedding and Toiletries – essentials that you need everyday should be kept out until right after the morning of your move when you need them.
Giving yourself extra time for planning what to pack is ultimately going to make your move much easier.  Picking a quality Gainesville moving company to help you with the process is also going to make the transition easier.  A-Turner Moving and Storage assigns each customer a personalized moving coordinator.